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WWFP Supports Your Neighborhood!!..

Our philosophy on giving, goes along with our mission to making people really happy. Kindness and the spirit of generosity are part of our culture and up-bringing. We want to spread as much of the WWFP love as possible ( "Peel the Love") to the community we are in ( Joplin MO) and focus on helping those who live locally.

We're proud to support our neighborhood and Joplin, through In-Shop Fundraisers, Scrip Gift Card fundraising and In-Kind Donations. Our team will work together with your group to create a unique and memorable fundraiser.

IN-SHOP: After meeting with our team, we will discuss the need, and plan a date and/or time slot. Then
during that time of service to the GP, a portion of our proceeds go directly to the charity. ( see advertising question below)

SCRIPT: Helping non-profit organizations raise money through gift card sales. ( see advertising below)

IN-KIND: Supporting silent auctions and raffles for Joplin and surrounding communities when holding an event.

Unfortunately, we unable to give to everyone that asks, so if you would like to ask WWFP for a charitable 
donation, we ask that you read the below instructions carefully. Any telephone calls will be directed to this site, on these instructions. Simply click on the "Contact Us" box with your responses. Any information that is omitted will be considered incomplete, and will not be seen by the "WWFP Donation Committee" ( WWFPDC) until all data is added.

1. Your Name and Contact information. Please include Office, Cell and email.
2. Organization requesting for? Projected Date or Days for the event or campaign.
3. 501-3c? Or any other relevant tax information.
4. Has WWFP donated before? If so, when and how?
5. Have you attended, invited or participated in a WWFP Charity event?
6. Out of the three ways we raise funds, does your organization have SOP on on any of these?
If so, please attach in email. Do you have an idea which method would work for your fundraiser?
7. Is there a dollar amount goal on the fundraiser? If so, can you share that information with us?
8. Is the Organization Local, National, Global?
9. Please supply the mission statement of the Charitable donation.
10. After the campaign or event is complete, would you be able to supply the WWFPDC a comprehensive
report on the outcome. ( data, money raised, what it will be used for, will we have another?)
11. LOA ( Letter of Authorization) from the Director, or National C-Level figure that allows you, your team, 
and others, to hold a fundraiser with WWFP, and Authority to negotiate on their behalf.
12. In your own words, supply the committee with the details of the event, on how this will be a success, for you and your organization. 
13. What kinds of advertising will be considered to gain awareness to the community for the Event or Campaign? Is there a budget for this? If so, can you share that information?
14. Lastly, Please assemble as much of the requested data as possible. 
COMPLETED APPLICATIONS OF OUR DECISIONS. We look forward to being of service. -Woody